Teaching American History - The Enduring Legacy of the American Revolution: Liberty Freedom and Equality

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LESSON PLANS for Heroes of Liberty, Freedom and Equality:

2007- 2008 Session: 18th Century - The American Revolution: Heroes of Liberty

2008 - 2009 Session: 19th Century- Abolition Movement & Women's Rights Movement: Heroes of Freedom

2009 - 2010 Session - 20th Century: Labor Movement, Women's Movement & Civil Rights Movement: Heroes of Equality

BOOKS at the Castleton State College Library purchased by current TAH Grant for the 2007-2008 session

Recommended Text and Readings List for 2008-2009 Session

Out of the Woodpile - A Power Point Presentation by J. Peterson


BOOKS at Castleton State College Library purchased by the 2004-2006 Teaching American History Grant (warning: list is 130 pages!)


Social Studies Strategies for Active Learning, by Andi Stix, Ed.D. - Grades 3 and Up
Available for TAH Participants in the Castleton Library. 

This integrated approach to active learning encourages educators to immerse students in simulations, debates, discussions, and other activities that encourage personal connections while relating historical events to current issues.  The context is flexible enough to use with any social studies topic. The author presents numerous strategies in each of the following categories. It also comes with a CD so you can print off materials.

  • Brainstorming
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Art integration
  • Discussion
  • Language arts integration
  • Primary documents

A note from Project Director, Mike Austin: Mary and I met with the publisher and found the materials very worthwhile. Three copies will be available in the library; you can check them out for two weeks to review the program.  I will keep a backup copy in my office for reference. I like the materials, so you may want to think about getting this for your school.  The cost is $79.99


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