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Evaluation Team

The Teacher Support Evaluation Team is made up of experienced teachers and curriculum developers who have taught in public education at various levels. The team is made up five members, one internal evaluator from the Castleton State College history department (Project Director) and four external evaluators who have extensive experience in public education. The Evaluation Team evaluates the work of the teacher-participants and works with the Grant Evaluators who evaluate the overall grant.

Teacher Support - Internal Evaluator

Dr. Mike Austin
Mike Austin is a member of the Castleton History Department and received his Ph.D. in History from the University of New Hampshire. His dissertation dealt with the marble workers of Vermont. He is a member of the Organization of American Historians and was editor of the Rutland Historical Quarterly for ten years. At the College of St. Joseph he received Outstanding Teacher Award 15 times. Previously he earned a Masters Degree in English from Southern Illinois University where he was nominated for the Modern Language Association Excellency in Teaching Award. He is the recipient of the prestigious Charles Swain Thomas Award from the New England Association of Teachers of English. Mike is the director for this Teaching American History Project and has written, directed, and participated in over 25 grants.

Teacher Support - External Evaluators
Lincoln Fenn

Lincoln Fenn was born and grew up in Gorham, New Hampshire. He was educated at public school there and earned his BA and MA from UNH. He did his post grad history work in England at the University of London. He taught American History for the University of Maryland at the European division in England. He taught history at Rutland Senior High School from 1963 to 1999. He was department chair and started an Advanced Placement U.S. history course at Rutland High School and taught that course for 13 years. He retired from public school teaching in 1999. He is a member of the Castleton State College part- time faculty and he teaches Political Science there as well as Comparative Government. He is an amateur singer, handbell ringer and distance runner.
Mary Fregosi

Mary Fregosi received her B.S. degree in history from U.V.M. and then was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to the University of Florence, Italy where she studied late medieval and early renaissance history under the tutelage of Professor Ugenio Garin. Returning to U.V.M. as a graduate assistant she received her M.A. in history in 1969. She began her teaching career at Proctor High School and spent 32 years working in the Rutland City school system, teaching for 19 years and serving in various administrative assignments for 13 years. A graduate of C.S.C. she earned an M.A. in educational leadership and a C.A.G.S. in curriculum and supervision. She was a mentor in the Woodruff program at C.S.C. Now retired, she dedicates her free time researching and writing local history, golfing, traveling and sailing.
Alis Headlam

Alis Headlam is an educational consultant who works with schools and the community to provide meaningful workshops, seminars and instruction in the areas of literacy education and the development of racial harmony. She has taught in schools both in the United States and the international community, served as a classroom teacher at most grade levels and continues to maintain a presence in schools by observing student teachers and consulting. She works not only with children and adults, but also with teachers and teachers-in-training.  She has presented extensively about issues related to international and multicultural literacy, use of portfolios, emergent literacy, and reading/writing workshop. Her work in race unity includes community workshops open to the public as well as programs for the local police department.
Jane Sarno

Jane Sarno is an experienced high school teacher who taught at Otter Valley Union high school. She has her Master's Degree from the University of Minnesota has extensive experience in a variety of curriculum areas and has been involved in many educational projects throughout the state. Based upon her experience, she is currently curriculum developer for the Rutland Northwest Supervisory Union and Addison County Supervisory Union. She is a valuable addition to the teacher support team and will be able to inform others throughout the state about current the Teaching American History grant.

External Grant Evaluators

The other component of the Evaluation is to evaluate the overall project. This part of the project will be done by Dr. Brenda Russell and Judy Malloy. In order to evaluate this part of the project we will use surveys and other such means to seek to improve the Teaching American History Project. See evaluation of grant.

Dr. Brenda Russell

Brenda Russell has extensive experience in statistical analysis and SPSS. She has worked with school systems in Vermont and Pennsylvania on numerous projects and was the external quantitative evaluator for the previous Teaching American History Grant. Because of her familiarity with the Teaching American History  grant requirements and her experience, she will continue to provide guidance to the Advisory Board, the Project Director, and the Assistant Project Director of the grant on meeting the goals of the project.
Dr. Judy Malloy

Judy Malloy is a new member of the evaluation team. Judy has extensive experience in qualitative evaluation. She has worked in the teacher preparation programs for most of her college teaching career. Because of her experience, she will add to the overall impact of the grant by observing teachers and by interviewing them. She complements the  quantitative approach of evaluation and thus will strengthen and help fine tune the grant's effectiveness.  Judy will provide guidance to the Advisory Board, the Project Director, and the Assistant Project Director.


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