Teaching American History - The Enduring Legacy of the American Revolution: Liberty Freedom and Equality


Lesson Plans - 2009-2010 Session: 20th Century Heroes of Equality
Labor Movement, Women's Movement & Civil Rights Movement


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Teacher-Participant Grade Level Project or Lesson Plan


Cathy Canty 5th Grade Commemorating Heroes for Equality of the Twentieth Century

Mary Gemignani

4th - 6th Grade Teaching Immigration and Child Labor Concepts to Children with Special Needs
Jan Jones K-6th Grade They Sang Out: How 20th Century Troubadours Inspired Social Change
Steven Lindemann 5th & 6th Grade Cesar Chavez- Hero of the Disenfranchised
Kathryn Luzader 2nd - 6th Grade Sing for Freedom, Freedom to Sing
Michael Luzader 5th & 6th Grade Pete Seeger/Woody Guthrie: Peaceful Protest and Song
David Marr 3rd - 6th Grade "Get the Picture?” – Child Labor Seen Through the Eyes of Lewis Hine
Jacquelyn Nichols 3rd & 4th Grade The Social Change in the Women’s, African American and Labor Movements in the 20th Century
    People Tags (see page 13 of lesson plan above)
Wendy Patterson 5th Grade Heroes of Equality

Middle School & High School

Chris Baker 7th Grade Protest Songs/Different Genres
Donna Butman   Heroic Women of Movement in the 60’s, 70’s 80’s
    Women in US History: Equality in Work - Power Point Presentation
Janet Chandler 10th-12th Grade The Civil Rights Movement: Leaders and Their Strategies
John D'Esposito 11th - 12th A Persistent, Pernicious Challenge to Equality- Homegrown, Right-Wing Domestic Terrorist Groups and a Novel Approach to Them: Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center
    Common Trial Objections - PowerPoint Presentation
    John Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center - PowerPoint Presentation
    Right Wing Extremists - Power Point Presentation
    The Price of Freedom - Power Point Presentation

Jill Dawson & Aubrey Garrison

7th & 8th Grade Image vs. Reality: Woman’s Journey for Equality in the 20th Century
    Image vs. Reality - Power Point Presentation
Maureen Dowling 8th Grade Two Movements Journey Towards Freedom
Patricia Dubois 8th Grade Equality in the Workplace
Ronald Eisenman 11th & 12th Grade Heroes of Equality - 1950-1975
Jacqueline Fleming 8th Grade Using Literature to Teach Segregation
Sarah Fortier 11th - 12th Grade
Honor Students
Civil Disobedience and the Heroes of the 60’s Civil Rights Movement -Remembered and Forgotten
Jennie Gartner 11th Grade The Struggle for Gender Equality
Cindy Kilic-Murray   coming soon
Elizabeth LeBrun 10th Grade Alice Paul: Pioneer for Women’s Rights
Kyleen Martelle 7th Grade Heroes of Equality, the Social Change in the Women’s, African American and Labor Movements in the 20th Century
Matthew Olewnik   coming soon
Linda Paquette 7th Grade The Little Rock Nine ~ Heroes of Courage and Social Change
Ron Savageau 8th Grade Writing a Resume


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