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Lesson Plans - 2008-2009 Session: 19th Century Heroes of Freedom
Abolition Movement and Women's Rights Movement


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Teacher-Participant Grade Level Project or Lesson Plan


Debbie Alexander 5th-6th Grade

Horrors and Heroes of Slavery in America
Attachments: A Picture of Freedom Comp Packet and
Powerpoint Presentation: Abolitionists for Research

Cathy Canty 5th Grade

United We Stand

Mary Gemignani

5th Grade

Teaching American History to Children with Special Needs

Jan Jones K-3rd

Empowering Arts: A Study of 19th Century Freedom Movements through Arts and Artifacts

Steven Lindemann 5th & 6th Grade

Comparing and Contrasting the United States with West Africa

Michael Luzader 5th & 6th Grade

How Did Slaves React to Slavery?

Jacquelyn Nichols 3rd Grade Growing Up in the 19th Century and Women's Suffrage
Wendy Patterson 5th Grade Freedom Fighters of the Civil War Era
Ron Savageau 4th and 8th Grade

Women’s Suffrage – Struggles and Contributions

Cindy Tosone 5th & 6th Grade

FACES OF FREEDOM - A visual identification and research project

Middle School & High School

Chris Baker & Kyleen Martelle 7th Grade

Rebelettes and Persistence in the Mountains. (Vermont’s Women Visionaries)

Mike Bruce 10th Grade

Public Image, Private Reality: Changing Attitudes towards Women in American Culture and Society

Janet Chandler 19th Grade

The Forces of Change: Heroes of the Abolition Movement

Jill Dawson & Aubrey Garrison

7th & 8th Grade

Emancipation Board Games: Reformers Who Challenged and Changed People’s Perceptions of Freedom and Equality in America

Maureen Dowling 8th Grade

The Various Perspectives on How the Abolition of Slavery Should Be Accomplished

Patricia Dubois 8th Grade The Influences and Contributions of Minorities to Equal Rights
Ronald Eisenman 11th & 12th Grade

The Continuing Quest for Freedom and Equality: 19th Century Woman Rebels

Jacqueline Fleming 8th Grade

Can People With No Rights Make a Difference?

Sarah Fortier 10th Grade

Conflicting Heroes: The Life and Legacy’s of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis

Brian Greenfield 10th Grade Comparison of Abolitionist Techniques
Jeff Jeskie 10th Grade

Women Heroines – A Fight for Women’s Rights

Chuck Laramie 9th & 10th Grade

Prelude To Civil War: The Dred Scott Decision

Alison Levy 8th Grade

Change in America: Connecting the Past and the Present

Linda Paquette 7th Grade From Slavery & Abolition to Civil Rights - Freedom's Heroes
Peter Patterson 8th Grade Getting Into the Anti-Slavery Mood:
A Unit on Anti-Slavery Societies in the Pre-Civil War Period
Bruce Perlow 10th Grade Women Abolitionists: Heroines of Freedom
Kyle Ruby 11th & 12th Grade (AP)

Freedom: Grasping the Thorny Rose

Ron Savageau 4th and 8th Grade

Women’s Suffrage – Struggles and Contributions

Madeline Sherman  

Meeting of the Minds: A Round Table Presentation by Heroes of the Women’s and Abolitionist Movement


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