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Lesson Plans - 2007-2008 Session: The American Revolution - Heroes of Liberty


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Teacher-Participant Grade Level Project or Lesson Plan
Debbie Alexander 5th Grade British Action and Colonial Reaction
Cathy Canty 5th Grade Wax Museum Project, Timeline of American History
Alanna Greene 2nd Grade Wax Museum Project, Heroism in the American Revolution
Jan Jones 5th & 6th Grade New England Maritime Liberty
Michael Luzader 5th & 6th Grade

The impact of the French and Indian War on the colonies and specifically George Washington

David Marr 3rd & 4th Grade Young Rebels for Liberty - 1776
Susie Maxham 3rd Grade Comprehension Packet for Captive of Pittsford Ridge
Lynne Pecor 6th Grade A Revolutionary Hero (As seen by his horse)
Wendy Paterson 5th Grade Heroes and Heroines of the American Revolution
Jane Phinney 5th - 6th Grade Nation Building

Middle School & High School
Mike Bruce 10th Grade Unsung Heroes in American History
Beth Carini 9th Grade Honors National Treasure, Fact, Fiction and Conspiracy
Jen Eaton 8th Grade Heroes of the Constitution - The Anti-Federalists
Ronald Eisenman For this project, contact Mary.Giordano@castleton.edu
Helen Fields 8th Grade Homespun Heroes: Colonial Women in the Time of the American Revolution
Kyle Ruby 11th & 12th Grade (AP) Heroes in American History
Debbie Serafino For this project, contact Mary.Giordano@castleton.edu
Chris Baker & Kyleen Martelle Vermont under Four Flags
Jacqueline Fleming 8th Grade George Mason: Unknown Founding Father and Champion of the Bill of Rights
Kraig Hannum 8th Grade Our Forefathers Were People, Too: Lessons in Perspective from the American Revolution
Cory Herrington 9th-12th Grade Liberty Theme Park - An American Revolution Project
Chuck Laramie 9th & 10th Grade The Debate over the “Bill Of Rights” Federalists v Anti-Federalists.
Peter Patterson 8th Grade

The Bumpy Road to a Written Contract for Lasting Liberty in the United States

Barb Picard 8th Grade American Revolution Unit
Ron Savageau 8th Grade Writing The Research Paper
Craig Wiley 7th Grade Heroes of Liberty Action Figures


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