Identifying A Need

"Americans are not bound together by a common religion or a common ethnicity. 
Instead, our binding heritage is a democratic vision of liberty, equality, and justice."  
Bradley Commission on History in Schools (1988)

Regrettably, history course requirements have been cut back or eliminated in our schools, yet the need for a strong history curriculum is more important than ever.  An understanding and appreciation of American History prepares students for their role as citizens in our democracy. 

By enlarging and enhancing teachers' background and understanding of traditional American history and the core values that shaped our nation, this program will improve teacher practice and raise student achievement.

Meeting the Challenge
Teaching American History - Developing Master Teachers is a three-year program (2007-2009) of professional development funded by a federal grant secured by the Addison-Rutland Supervisory Union and Castleton State College.  Welcome Letter

This exciting project is open to K-12 teachers serving elementary and secondary students in six western counties of Vermont and 5 counties in upstate New York. 

  • Facilitate updating and revision of American history curriculum in the region
  • Foster innovative classroom instruction methods using a multi-discipline approach
  • Expand available resource materials for teachers and students
  • Encourage teacher interaction and cooperation on a regional basis
Building the Future
Our ongoing mission is to develop an active network of educators dedicated to sharing teaching strategies, course content and resources throughout the region and beyond.  The success of our previous three-year program has shown that this project will have a significant impact and serve as a model for improving the teaching of history statewide.

Visit Resources for Teachers for lesson plans and teaching projects, links, recommended reading lists and details on hundreds of history books purchased through this grant for use by teachers in the region. 


Nominate an Elementary Teacher for the 2011 Gilder Lehrman National History Teacher of the Year Award. 
Do you know an outstanding K-6 teacher passionate about American history? All Social Studies and elementary educators who teach American History are welcome.

Nomination deadline is February 1, 2011.  Details

2009-2010 Session Lesson Plans Now OnlineInnovative Teaching tools developed by Teacher-Participants as part of this grant. Theme: 20th Century Heroes of Equality: Labor Movement, Women's Movement & Civil Rights Movement.

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The Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences has money available for history research grants, books, and other supportive history material for K-12 classrooms. Contact Dan Bean at

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